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Welcome to TKT Sales

We specialize in parts for Allison Transmissions

TKT sales is a wholesale Independent Transmission parts distributor specializing in Allison Transmission Parts. We have one of the nation's largest inventories of Allison parts in our 62,000 Sq Foot warehouse located in suburban Greensboro NC.

We only stock the highest quality parts, whether it be Original Allison parts, Quality Aftermarket parts or parts that fall into our own TKT Brand, we strive to provide US Made products wherever possible.

We offer parts for most any Allison Transmission ground transportation applications from a school bus to Off Road mining and Oil Field Applications. We DO NOT offer any Allison Aircraft or Gas Turbine products.

We ship with UPS and DHL Express to customers around the globe. Although international trade has become increasingly difficult in recent years, we will always try and assist customers even it that means directing you to another dealer who may be better aligned to serve your needs.

Qualified customers are welcome to inquire with us on any products they need. Has the part you need been out of production for 40 years? We likely have some something to offer you to get your equipment back in service. We are the dealer other dealers turn to for their hard-to-find parts.

Please take note, we do not offer any retail sales or sales to DIY customers. DIY or retail customers should seek out their local Allison Transmission dealer and if they cannot assist you, they can purchase our full line of products for you.

Allison® is a registered trademark of Allison Transmission Inc. TKT Sales is an independent distributor and not affiliated with Allison Transmission Inc.

allison transmission parts We are always looking for cores and surplus parts inventories