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Company History

Ted Keating started TKT Sales out of his 3-car garage in 2000, What started out as just something to occupy his spare time has turned into a true success story for a one-time misdirected stoner.

While working at an Allison Transmission distributor in Philadelphia PA, Ted needed something to stay busy and started to take on some side work to fill the days before going to work the night shift. Mostly working on small automotive transmissions to avoid any conflicts with his employer. In doing automotive repairs, Ted needed a place to purchase quality used parts to keep repair costs competitive for customers and in doing so these suppliers soon started coming to Ted for used parts for their Allison customers. Ted saw the opportunity and the need for a supplier of Allison Transmission parts from someone who really knew the products and within a year had leased 5000 sq ft of a large 20,000 sq ft warehouse just a half a mile from his home, how convenient. That 5000 sq ft became 10,000 sq ft within another year and by the time the business moved to NC Ted had occupied nearly the entire warehouse.

main location In 2009 Ted Purchased a 42,000 sq ft warehouse in Yanceyville NC. This location was not nearly as conveniently located as being right off the Interstate in Philadelphia but since 99.9% of his business was always wholesale orders that shipped out with UPS, he did not really need, nor could afford, commercial property with that convenience. The move to NC started mid-2010 being completed by Jan 1, 2011.

In 2020 TKT Sales purchased the Intellectual property and assets for both the Allison Industrial Torque Converter product line and the CL(B)T4460/HT70 Product lines from Stewart & Stevenson, these products now make up our TKT Brand of products. Also, in 2020 TKT Sales purchased a large portion of the remaining AT/MT series service parts from Allison Transmission after the decision was made to end support of these product lines.

Who knows what the future holds for TKT Sales? We will continue our efforts in supporting the ITC/4460 as well as all other commercial Allison Transmission products and hopefully continue in adding new products as often as we can.

Ted offers a sincere THANK YOU to all his customers who have supported TKT sales over the years.

Allison® is a registered trademark of Allison Transmission Inc. TKT Sales is an independent distributor and not affiliated with Allison Transmission Inc.

Sales Tax

On June 21, 2018 the US Supreme Court ruled in Wayfair v. South Dakota that the States may require business without a physical presence in their state to collect and remit sales tax on sales made within that state. This horrible decision has resulted in small businesses like ours being required to endure relentless new sales tax laws that differ from state to state. This incredible burden has left us with the simple decision to end all retail sales and focus on our core customer base which is wholesale repair centers. We now require having a state issued tax exempt form on file for all customers for the state to which we ship any parts to.